Pancake Cat Song

" Awesome Pancakes "
Let's sing in gay abandon !
I Love Pancake ♪Neat piles of Pancakes are Wonderful ♪
Let's Drop plenty of Honey on pancakes ♪

Let's Melt Butter on pancakes ♪

Let's Eat with my little darling ♪

Pancakes are Yum-Yum~ ♪

Wow !
My Sweet , Pancake

I'm sorry, Natsume.I want to Try it Once.
Don't Worry !
Goma eat with Pleasure A Pancake
on Natsume.
Are these pancakes in the Netherlands ?


This looks yummy !

Please look at my Video.
Goma Love Cucumber

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  1. Yessssssssss we have POFFERTJES .... LOL
    Its the right Dutch word for pan cakes :)
    It is such a lovely post today
    it makes me smile on the early morning :))))
    Your pictures are all FANTASTIC!!!
    Lovely post :)

    ( Thank you for your nice comments always :)

  2. OMG!!!! too many pancakes!!I love natsu me with pancake on the head :-)I love it!!!! Goma eating cucumber is just so precious! I never seen a dog love cucumber....awesome post!!

  3. I didn't now that a dog cumcumber eats
    Very funny video !!!!!
    Do you enjoy tomorrow also world cat day ???
    You publish a picture from your cats and that logo (its on my site) thats all ^__^
    At the moment I don't now wath to publish tomorrow :(

  4. We are eating tonight pan cakes ;)
    Have a great weekend...
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  5. To anya

    Tks you very much
    to let me know World Cat Day.
    I'll try to publish my cats
    from your sight.
    I'm so glad to hear
    you enjoy my Video and Pancakes (lol)

    ∧_∧  ∧_∧

  6. To goma+sachie

    I can hardly wait
    Goma and Syd will be
    gradually make good friends.
    What is Syd's favorite food?

  7. Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL drawings ^__^


Thanks for coming !