Are you all right ?

I heard news of volcanic ash affecting air travel.

I'm in anxiety about my friends
who live in European countries .

I hope that you live peacefully and
your family and your friends didn't get into a mess.

In order to avoid health damage,
it is important to protect your eyes and nose
from ash by wearing glasses and masks.

Please wear a highly-functional mask
that completely covers your nose and mouth.

Many Japanese wear those masks
when we go out in order to avoid the pollen.
Many people(me too) are suffering from
hay fever of Japanese cedar.
It arises from environmental degradation.

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  1. Yes here are no air planes flying
    I see nothing outside its a sunny day !!!
    But its very high in the sky not safe :(
    Many ash !!!!!
    There is no air travel :(
    Its the nature .... it can happens ;)
    Every vulcano comes alive but when ...... ;-)

  2. and we do not know if it is harmful to health ....


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