Natsume bit me ! ( Charlie bit me ! )

We're like brothers.

We play together and share a bed with each other.

Sometimes, I bite you on the neck.
It's some kind of courtship.

Ouch !!
That really hurt !

You always hurt him you love.

Please Enjoy Funny Movie ♪
Charlie Bit Me !

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  1. Silly movie!!

    My dog and cat sleep together or play together but once in awhile some one will get bit. they are silly. MB

  2. Nice for you that you have a brother
    I'm alone and can only bit my Mommy ;)
    Lovely photo's :-)
    Cute video's !!!!!

    Have a nice weekend
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Hi Anzu, What a sweeties are those nice looking catty's, the little boys are (and Movie is) great! very funny and sweet too:) Thanks for sharing.

    Tanks for your reaction on my blog, weel I don't know if animals can ask us to believ in God, but I am sure that all animals are going to heaven.

    Greetings from my doggy who loves cats too:)

  4. Hello again. Regarding you recent comments on my blog I just wanted you to know that I have added more photos and an explanation of where I was. We drove from west to east of the state.
    Blogger froze up on me and I could not finish my post but it is done now. Whew!!! MB

  5. Can't get enough of Anzu... lovely cat!


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