With that alone we are glad !

Goma finds that I have disappeared.

Seek a glimpse of me.

Find me a little way away.
Find the most direct route to me.

Come hurrying forward toward me.

Run to me for protection.

Show up with a full beard,
prettily plump and well-fed figure.

These are your stances.

With do-it-all-the-way attitude.
Long for master of your destiny.

Find a way to make yourself fun
on your Father's tummy.

We never receive appreciative words,
much less a carnation from them.

Cats can show their peace by purring.
Dogs can show their happiness by
swinging the tail from side to side.

With that alone we are glad ♪

My daughter sent me a happy coral colored bouquet.
Thank you for the pretty present !!
I'm really happy to have Mother's day.

And then,
Thanks to Goma's Mother and Brothers.

Thanks to Natsume's Mother.

FYA (for your action)
These are The Seven Gods of Fortune.
The Seven Lucky Gods
Takarabune (Treasure Ship)

All our best!
"The Seven Lucky Gods"
by Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾北斎

4 件のコメント:

  1. I hope you had the best
    Mother's Day :))))
    So lovely flowers ....

    Its nice to see you Goma
    Nice to walk with you today hehe....
    Beautiful pictures all!!
    And Natsume you are so cute today
    Hugs Love from Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Thanks to Anya ♪
    He makes funny face as running earnestly.
    It's comically entertaining.
    ( ´艸`)

  3. I guess the most directly way is and remains, to look into eachothers eyes.

    Please have you all a wonderful Thursday.

  4. Thanks to ρομπερτ
    How true !
    They are good at casting meaningful eye contact, and win our hearts and minds by their honesty.


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