Cultivate our good fortune

When there's no hope in sight.

Sow seeds of hope!

And, nourish the little hope.

Have light in your eyes.

You'll find a small ray of hope.

You have magnetic personality.

Furthermore, You get guts.

There is no need to despair.

There are opportunities that would open up.

High spirits and cheerfulness will improve your luck.
Don't miss your chance.

Come along !!
We are behind you all the way ♪

☆ヽ(´▽`*)人 (*´▽`)人(´▽`*)人(*´▽`)ノ★.。・:*:・゚'☆
★.。・:*:・゚'☆ヽ(´▽`*)人 (*´▽`)人(´▽`*)人(*´▽`)ノ★
Cultivate a field.
Cultivate our good fortune.

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  1. A much needed entry. Thank you for those lovely images very much.

    daily athens

  2. So lovely words
    and fantastic pictures :))
    You are very creative !!!
    Love it ....


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