Someone To Watch Over Me

Get a whiff of mild disgust.

boo ・・・・・

You look like you've seen a ghost.
Furthermore, too many Cat Monsters under the sun !

Probably, you can't understand about why I'm hanging around with cats.

I think you misunderstood cats.
They treat you with gentle patience

I Love This Tune ♪
Someone To Watch Over Me

Keith Jarrett/ Gary Peacock / Jack Dejohnette
Now on Sale ♪

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  1. Delightful images- all, love those fish!! My brother-in-laws Terrier came out of no where late afternoon, as my small cat peacefully walked along our trail to the house..just before he was ready to attack unsuspecting- she sprung up in the air and leaped on his back-making a couple digs with her feet! She gave a nice bite and off she went before he knew what to do!! So he cried then ran home!!

  2. To Kilauea Poetry
    I can easily imagine your lovely kitty
    in a mischievous mood.
    This had to be her red carpet in a different way.
    I'm sorry he was so surprised.

  3. I totally agree with you, Cats treat you with gentle patience.
    By the way, I really love your cat's photos. Really well captured !

    Everyday Cat Visitor

  4. ... behaving just like poetry. Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  5. Oh I'm just happy to be here: I love Keith Jarrett and I think he has the soul of cat ...

    A beautiful post and an excellent photographic series: Thanks for sharing!


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