Railway Billboard Ads

We are surrounded by lots of eye-catching advertisements .

I wonder how much economic effect is that advertising.

Cats frequently appear in the company's ad of various business field.
They are so effective idol that generate profits.

Cats are walking billboards !
Super Stationmaster TAMA invites a lot of people
and enormous fortune into a station of local line.

ARASHI is literally fair-haired boys as billboards for Johnny's Stars.

Likewise, they are fair-haired boys as billboards for my family.

Nowadays, we can't make one choice
without annoyingly-plentiful advertising.

Suffering cat!

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  1. I adore Japanese art. You have a wonderful unique style. Even The adversing. By the way I am really happy to see Shoen Uemura art works in the second photo.
    And all your famous Japanese cats ( Including your babies : )

  2. So many cute pictures!!
    Wish you a wonderful evening:-)

  3. Lol)) these are so cute- your advertising!! What a sweet suffering cat Ann. Of course your doggy is a sweetheart! This must be the day for cats?! I love the suit and tie and the one below with the medal~

  4. Wish our billboards were as beautiful as the first two! The others are very cool.

  5. I use じゃらん quite often :D


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