A Little Awareness

APEC Japan 2010 in Yokohama has successfully ended.
During the 8 days period,
I had resented many policemen deployed
throughout the four corners of the APEC area.
However, I'm slow to realize that they also protected us, citizens.

I could get a little awareness from scenes of
utter confusion under the tightest security.

I really hope peace and freedom of our life,
so that I can display Goma with storefront flowers
and Christmas illuminations in downtown Yokohama.

It's my lucky day today.
A smiling cat is close at hand !

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  1. ゴマちゃん置物のようにお行儀が良いんですね。3枚目の写真カッコいいです。

  2. That looks like an amazing convention center. The big coast guard ship is very remarkable too. But Goma is the very best decoration. And your smiling cat made me smile too.

  3. Handsome place ! But sorry ...I'm a fan of Natzu....cute nap !

  4. Wow..excellent photos Ann- nice work..love them all and especially the top one!!
    I really enjoyed your photo session with Goma and your kitty is sweet:))

  5. That must be one HUGE ship with so many buildings 'fitting' behind.

    Nice to see a 'family member' of Mr. Bones from far away ;) Please have you all a good new month.

    daily athens

  6. 猫ちゃんの写真がとても愛しいです♪

  7. So wonderful shots !!
    Wow !!
    Never seen such a big boat .............lols

    thanks for the cute photo's
    One I have on my backgrond from my laptop
    sooooooooooooo lovely THANKS :)


    Kareltje =^.^=

  8. Love the smiling cat! Great colors!


Thanks for coming !