Working Vessels around the bay

A patrol vessel for seaport security.
I like this red beacon in Yokohama port.

Japan Coast Guard Vessel

A cleanup vessel for offshore deposit.

Guardians for foreign flag vessel.

These are recorded shots of
when I and my husband stood out to sea in
Yokohama Port for meeting a noble lady on Feb. 29, 2010

Yokohama city will greet you
with shining smile at any time.

Actually, my grandfather founded a small shipbuilding company in Kobe.
He was a handsome and tender gentleman.
I love him and vessels, and my hometown Kobe.

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  1. Anzu, this is such a beautiful entry! I hardly ever pay attention to ships, except for when I have to take a ride on one, like a ferry.
    I want to visit Yokohama! There is no ocean in Tochigi :(

  2. "Show Me Japan"に参加してくださってありがとうございます。

  3. Ikedaさんへ
    この絵は縁あって、やはり神戸の船舶関係者から譲って頂いたものです。神戸の街並みも作者の想いが感じられる船体も子供の頃見覚えのある過去のものです。それが一層懐かしく古めかしい額装もそのままです。祖父への想いと共に大切にしています。是非ご夫婦で横浜来航の大型客船を被写体にされてみませんか? =^-^=

  4. There is NOTHING like that here so far inland. Very, very beautiful ships and boats. And the paintings are also beautiful.

  5. How nice a journey. Love 'ship 5' most ! Interesting, as my grandfather used to be a carpenter for ships, back in Hamburg, Germany.

    Please have you all a good weekend.

    daily athens

  6. Anzu, We love the painting and We love your face's expression...MOL


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