Would you care to see the wine list ?

Well ?

Do you know Hotel has stores of wine under thorough quality control ?

At my home,
we are offering modestly-priced bottles of wine.

I'm a cat's wine waiter.
Would you care to see the wine list?

Please have a bottle of
Le Chat Noir
chilled for Christmas.

This is my First entry.
Thanks to Cats on Tuesday !!

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  1. I would like to meet your children someday. And maybe have some wine while I admire their beauty and sense of humor! :-)

  2. こんなに可愛いウエイターだとワインを注文しすぎて直ぐにワインの在庫が無くなってしまいますねっ!僕らもAnzuさんのように可愛くニャンコを撮れるようになりたいです。

  3. Natsumi appears to be sophisticated and, perhaps, arrogant enough to be a wine server...even if he has to wear a funny hat to do his job.

    I'm glad to see more pictures of Goma.

  4. Natzu, I just love your big toes : )

  5. Lol)..love this series!! The third one cracks me up..
    Oh boy..typical dog expressions too!
    Cheers Ann to your wondeful family!


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