A cat behind Christmas

My favorite is the little bitt hooking on a ship
berthed at a port.

Although the bitt is behind the huge ship,
there is an inseparable bond between the bitt and the ship.

Natsume !
You are a cat behind this Christmas party,
and there are inseparable bonds between you and Goma, Anzu.

How do you think about the disguise of Santa Claus
and the cake at last Christmas ?

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  1. The big ship is beautiful in the evening light. I like how the lines are highlighted against the dark water...even the line that isn't released.

    Natsumi looks handsome with the cake. But I smile to see he didn't blow out the candles, but backed away when he felt the heat.

  2. I see what you mean about the bitt and the ship! Wonderful captures-especially at night all lit up!
    Fabulous of the kids in their Christmas hats!! What a simply yummy cake too- love the expressions! Have a warm weekend-

  3. What a wonderful entry of yours ! A great proof that it is not always the size that counts. Please have a good Sunday.

    daily athens

  4. Natsuちゃん、クリスマスケーキのキャンドルに近づきすぎて火傷しませんでしたか?それにしてもうちのネコは嫌がってサンタのコスプレなんかさせてくれません。躾が悪かったのでしょうか、とてもわがままで困ってます...。

  5. サンタさんの格好した写真がかわいすぎます♪


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