Hear the Wing Sing

I read recently a book again within days
which is " Hear the Wing Sing " written by
Haruki Murakami and his first work.
It was one of my favorite books when I was at college.

The main character in the novel must be the author himself, Mr. Murakami
returned home to Kobe during his college summer break.
I think Mr.Murakami might find something important, which had been left
in his original starting point/ birthplace Kobe, with writing his first story.

Here are some excerpts from the novel.
Those bring back my memories of the scent and the streets of Kobe.


As soon as the rain passed, there arose a damp southerly breeze bearing the scent of the sea.
It rustled the leaves of the potted ornamentals on the veranda; it rustled the curtains.


Let me say something about the town - the town where I was born and raised and first slept with a girl.
The sea out in front, hills behind, and right next door, a major port. It's a tiny speck of a town.
Flying along the highway on the way back from the harbor, I make a point of not smoking.
In less time than it takes to strike a match, I might just miss the town.

We ( I and my daughter) will go back to my home town Kobe next month
to see my parents after several years' absence.
During our stay in Kobe, I hope to climbed the hill,
stopping now and again to turn around to view the harbor.


On the way back,we stopped at several shops and made some rather pointless purchases.
Strawberry toothpaste and a gaudy beach towel, a few Danish puzzles, ballpoint pens in six colors.
So, with our share of junk under our arms, we climbed the hill,
stopping now and again to turn around to view the harbor.

He Said " Always on the Side of the Egg. "
Goma says
" Me too !? "

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  1. とても不思議なのですが、村上春樹の作品は読み終えて一日するとすっかり内容を忘れてしまうんです(全ての作品)。他の作者ではそれほど酷くないので、とっても不思議です。

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  3. I like a lot those pictures! Have a nice trip to "home"town!

  4. LOve this art :-)
    Colorful and nice figurs !!

    So nice that you are going next month to your family.
    Enjoy ..enjoy...


  5. An entry that surely could be felt. All the very best for you and yours. Please have a good Thursday and future journey as well.

  6. Great excerptions and illustrations!!
    I felt soft breezes from the ocean and smelled salt air..
    Kobe・・・ I feel like visitig Kobe!!

    Thank you for your great blog!

  7. To Y.Ikeda

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  9. This was brilliant..so intriguing! I checked the link out and love how you put this together with all the pictures! Very creative- your furry friends are so cute!! Wishing you a delightful weekend~

  10. This was an excellent post. Very interesting. I've never been to Kobe and you've made it very intriguing.


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