Peel an orange for a child

Citrus (柑橘類) bears pristine white, small flowers like a new born baby.

It's suited for growing in warm sunshine and fertile soil.

Mandarin orange (蜜柑) gives us buxom, sparkling, fresh, sweet, healthy images.

Pips of an orange work up a texture of various memories.

I think children have hearts just like innocent and pure citrus flowers.

I wish they would grow their hearts healthy and
have such the images of the orange glow.

If I find children being in the issue of child abuse,
I'll encourage myself to have an involvement for the orange ribbon.

Orange ribbon

Dear Luka,
Please change your self-image,

achieve a positive sense of self as much as possible

and imagine your happy future.

If you are a parental guardian,
Please peel an orange for your children you love.

Let's squeeze juice from oranges for my family.

on My Daughter's Birthday
January 12, 2011

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  1. Very cute and great photos here, Love it : )


  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Did you make that cat???
    AWESOME!!! :-)

  3. Thank you for your lovely and heartwarming pictures!!

    I remembered the moment when I put my feet under the kotatsu, sat down sholder-to-sholder with my husband and son, eating oranges. I took it for granted, but exactly it was the happiness.

    "Please peel an orange for your children you love." sank into my heart.

    Thank you, Anzu!!

  4. みかんの皮むきは芸術の域に達してますねっ。感動です。最後の立体の猫の目を2つの種でこさえるのにどれだけのみかんに包丁を入れたのか興味津々です。

  5. No citrus can survive the harsh weather here but those that come from warmer places bring sun and warmth in winter. I hope the wonderful oranges also bring goodness to the children.

  6. Ohhhhh you touched my soul with this post:
    pictures,words but above the noble intention ...
    In Tibetan language the word "compassion" is translated "heart-king"
    A big hug and today also... Happy Birthday!

  7. Thank each and every one of you !
    芸術作品は作れませんが、みかん細工 楽しそうですね ♪ 子供の喜ぶ顔と甘い蜜柑を一緒に味わえれば とても幸せですよね。

  8. Oops! I wrote a comment and hit the wrong button, I think. I'm bad at reading katakana. I was just saying that I jumped over from Ikedasan's blog and was very impressed with yours. For one thing, I'm impressed with how good both of your English is. Your photos are incredible!

  9. Hi Anzu,
    Happy new year for you:)
    I think childrens abuse is terrible and when the peelings orange stands for it I peel one by now.
    The cat is sweet and beautiful. Thank you for pyour comment on my blog also from puppy Joyi-Jan. Greetings

  10. That's the cutest presentation of citruses I've ever seen ^.^


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