Favorite Comic Actor

Do you know 舞妓 "Maiko" ?
The following is a Comic Film starring Sadao Abe.
He is my favorite slapstick comedian.

舞妓 Haaaan!!!

Maiko Meeeew!!!

The following is an international CM for potato chips freak, isn't it ?
The left side is Sadao Abe.
He plays a middle school educator, potato chips freak.
I think he is so comical and winning actor in Japan.

Hi Susan! Snack monster is coming soon, big tomorrow !? (LOL)

You are craving for potato chips as dipping your hand into a bag, aren't you ?

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  1. Incredibly silly, but I have to say it DID make me want to go out and get a bag of chips. How funny! I loved hearing the English.

  2. Funny!! I can't stop laughing !

    I'm afraid Koikeya Potato Chips will break language schools. hahahaha!!!

    Thank you, Anzu!

  3. Thank you for this happiness throughout me night. Much appreciated. Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

    daily athens

  4. Thank you for visiting in my blog and liked it here! There is so cute photos in your blog! :)

  5. Thanks for all of comments.
    Being tickled silly is an absolute treasure in terms of my life.(〃^∇^)o_彡☆
    コイケ先生のCMは どれも好きです!

  6. ウチの茶トラもポテチ大好きで困ってます...


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