Our stay of Kobe - Arima Onsen

On the way to my family home,
We enjoyed hot spring bathing at Arima Onsen.
Arima is a resort town in Hyogo Prefecture with one of the oldest
and most popular hot springs in Japan.

It's an onsen in Kita-ku, Kobe, Japan.
This Onsen is still a hidden treasure of modern Kobe, behind Mount Rokko.
How to get there : By Bus
Buses to Arima Onsen leave from 三ノ宮 / Sannomiya Bus Terminal (30 minutes, 750 yen)

One of the most popular pastimes for Japanese people is
to go and stay in a Japanese
ryokan which has a natural hot spring, or an onsen.
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Springs : Arima Onsen has two kinds of springs. One is kinsen (金泉, "gold spring"), which has water colored yellow-brown from iron and salt. The other is ginsen (銀泉, "silver spring"), which is colorless and contains radium and carbonate.
炭酸を多く含む炭酸泉の3種類がある。 それぞれ、湧出口では透明だが、空気に触れ着色する含鉄強食塩泉は
「金泉(きんせん)」と呼ばれ、 それ以外の透明な温泉は「銀泉(ぎんせん)」と呼ばれている。

温泉街は標高 350m~500mに位置しており、かなりの急斜面にあって、街中を通る道も細い。
温泉寺の周辺に外湯と特産品 店や民家が密集しており、のんびり散策する客が多い。

Arima Onsen Sightseeing Association

Traditional Souvenirs

Tansan Senbei
( Carbonated cracker) Shop

browsing in
souvenir shops

← A free hot spring for your feet (Ashiyu)


Japanese inn and hot-spring/ Tousen Goshobo
Tousen Goshobo in English

We were day-trippers ♪
who could enjoy hot spring bathing at a ryokan (Japanese style inn). Some onsen ryokans open their baths and quaint guest rooms for not only staying guests, but also day-trippers during daytime usually 11:30am~14:30pm.

Enjoy staying at the relaxed and comfortable inn
to act like a famous writer for a while.

Native dialect accent is sweet music to me.

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki (谷崎 潤一郎
Tanizaki Junichiro, Yoshikawa Eiji and other renowned guests loved
a quiet and secluded place/ Japanese inn and hot-spring in Arima.

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  1. We have still not done an onsen yet because my mother does not want to remove her clothes in front of everyone. We may do one next year though since she's got more aches and pains.

  2. Oh I'm happy!
    Genzano di Roma - the town where I now live - has twinned with Kobe!!!
    And is so beautiful and interesting your trip ... I would immediately enter in the thermal waters and buy many and many souvenir!
    You took some beautiful photos and I really like your final tribute to the great wonderful writer Tanizaki: really a magnificent post ... I just want to live in Japan!!!
    Domo arigato!

  3. Beautiful photographs of beautiful places! I love to soak in hot springs.

  4. Wow, Arima Onsen!! My father bought me an adorable doll-brush a long long time ago, but I lost it. I love Onsen becase they make us healthy and the skin smooth!

    Natsu, I speak Kansai-ben!! I'm very glad to hear my language sounds like sweet music to you!! When I speak only one word, people say "Oh, you are from Kansai!" Seven-year stay in Tokyo couldn't change my Kansai accent!


    Thank you for your great blog. I love all of them.

  5. Hi, again, I should have written Anzu instead of Natsu. Sorry, I was a little confused.

    私は、結構 ”早とちり”をしてしまいます。友達はみんな慣れています。そんな時は、気にしないで、またしてると思ってくださいね。m(_ _)m

  6. To Kay
    Probably there are some spas which allow your mother to take a bath dressing with exclusive clothes. They should be able to supply various customer's demands.p(*^-^*)q

  7. snowwhiteさん

    行基像 有馬で見かけました。土木事業や温泉発掘などに精力的に取り組んだ僧侶のようですね。奈良駅前にもおられるようですね。

  8. To amatamari©
    I'm glad of hearing that your are interested in Japanese author, Tanizaki Junichiro.
    I like his tasteful text representation.(*゚ー゚*)

  9. 神戸に入るのに有馬温泉の山側を経由した事があります。その時は大震災の数ヶ月後で市内がまだ落ち着いていない時だったのを思い出します。時間が無かったので温泉は入らずじまいでした。豊臣秀吉のお気に入りの温泉ですよね?

  10. Y.Ikeadaさん
     震災後の神戸の街に困惑された事でしょう。有馬温泉はそのようで、豊臣秀吉さんの像が温泉街入口にありました。今はいろいろな交通手段がありますが、その当時 険しい六甲山を越えるルートや手段が何だったのかしらと思いました。

  11. Thanks for this lovely tour!!!
    My wish is once to visit your country!!!
    Its so beautiful and special
    and you are all also very special to us :-)

    Hugs and have a nice sunday
    Kareltje,Betsie & Anya


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