Men's Grooming

I stick to my appearance.

There is nothing wrong with trying to improve men's appearance.

Do I look OK ?

Being a cool cat's a hard job, isn't it ? 


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  1. Natsu, You look so cute and handsome ...GREAT PHOTOS !!!!

    I just heard the news. Me and my mom are so sorry about The quake strikes off the northeast coast of Japan, and a tsunami follows. I'm sending a ton of purrs for all in your country to be safe.

    Hugs and Purrs
    Puudy and Mom Boom

  2. Very cute... but like Mr. Puddy, I'm very worried about all of you in Sendai and Tokyo. Our family is in both areas and we haven't been able to get word. It's so scary.

  3. To Mr.Puddy and Kay
    Thanks to comments for Natsume and
    (^人^)Thank you for asking !
    My house shook badly during this earthquake.
     w(゚0゚*)w w(゚⊿゚;)w
    Fortunately, no harm was done in my house.
    My husband can't return home from his office tonight, because the traffic interrupted after the disaster. We worry about the outcome.┐('~`;)┌

  4. Really worried about the tsunami now!! So terrible! I hope there is everything ok with you!

  5. Anzu,

  6. Such a joy to see such cute faces here. ^^

  7. We are thinking on all people in northern cities.
    It sounds so scary :(

    I hope your husband will be home soon and safe.

    HUgs Love from us :)

    (Love your pictures today !!!)

  8. Dear friend how are you? I hope that
    the earthquake there was not too strong!
    A big hug!

  9. Dear Friends
    Thanks for worrying about us._〆(・・ )
    We can confirm family's safety.jё_ёjj
    I pray that all of your family and friends are all right in Japan. (^-人-^)


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