Things tormented himself

My husband was one of commuters
unable to get home in Tokyo, last night.
He returned home safe 3 hours after midnight.

Do you know what things tormented himself
at the time of disaster?
① Leather shoes.
He was out of his office at the time of earthquake.
Then, he walked back to his office for 3 hours from an outside location in Tokyo,
so he had blisters on his feet.

② Cedar pollen

More than 20 million people suffer from hay fever in Japan.
My husband and I have allergy to cedar pollen.
From the late of February, large quantities of cedar pollen
have been circulating in the air in Japan.
He produced symptoms of allergy,
and his eyes were all red and puffy.

He needed a tablet of medicine which controls allergic symptoms.

A secret foe gives a sudden blow.

Dear Friends,
Thanks for worrying about us._〆(・・ )
We can confirm family's safety. jё_ёjj
I pray that all of your family and friends in Japan are all right. (^-人-^)


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  1. Good to know you and your family are ok.
    I join you to purrs and pray for all of Japan


  2. Thank goodness your husband returned safely, though a little injured. This is such a scary time. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  3. Thanks for giving news ...is a great suffering this tragedy ...

  4. Good news that you are safe. Thanks for letting us know.

    Sorry about the blisters and the hay fever. Your husband's story sounds similar to those of the people who had to find their way home on foot after the New York Trade Towers were destroyed.

    Wishes for peace and safety for you and your pets.

  5. Glad that you are all fine.

    Please have a good Sunday.

    daily athens

  6. 旦那さまは大変な目に遭われましたね。無事で何よりです。

  7. Glad to know that you and your family are fine!! My prayers with all the people in Japan in the effected areas!!

  8. I'd been thinking about you and glad to hear your family is OK!! After this terrible incident, sadly, each day seems to boggle the mind with the magnitude and devastation!! Japan is in our hearts and prayers..
    with warm regards~

  9. Happy that you are fine. Take care.

  10. 大変でしたね。お互いまだ落ち着かなさそうですが、がんばりましょう。

  11. This is so weird. I tried to make a comment on your most recent post and wasn't able to. I just wanted to send my wishes that you will hear from your friend. We were finally able to speak to our relatives in Sendai. We were so worried.


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