How about you ?

Natsu !
Are you weak in any subject ?

How about you, Goma ?

Huh?  I -- uh -- well, ...

Wait !
Down !
Give me your paw !

Dogs believe every stranger is a friend they haven't met yet.
Cats wait for a proper invitation.
-Vicki Brown

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  1. Does Goma get a summer cut? Pi-chan's already got a summer cut because sometimes it's humid and hot during the day time when I walk her. ^_^

  2. Nice quote and photo.There are also two types of persons.
    One is a dog and the other is a cat.

  3. Facebook?
    Ha ha... You're not alone.
    I'm terrible with Facebook too. ;)

  4. Hehe. Fun photos of both Natsu and Goma. The quotes are so true.

  5. Cute quotes and such sweet family!! I'm warming up for a furry post soon but I'm not caught up..so behind.
    Wishing you a good day-

  6. Thanks to your feedback !
    Curiosity killed the cat, so the best remedy against an incomprehension, is much ground between.

  7. Kirinさんへ
     今年の夏 エアコンなしで留守番できるのかしら?

  8. Because of his coloring, Goma sounds like a very appropriate name for your cutie.
    Kay of Musings
    P.S. I cannot post comments for people who have their comment boxes embedded under the post. Blogger is having some kind of problem.

    Therefore I will sign off as Anonymous.

  9. I'm sorry, Kay.
    As you know, this blog site sometimes has a trouble of edit. A bug throws us off. (゚_。)?
    Yes !(^-^) Goma owes his name to black sesame.


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