Aesthetic Satisfaction

Cats can probably gain insight into the amount of A Chair.

The reason why I think so is that
Cats will set their own standards
to choose a relaxed and comfortable place to sleep.

猫は おそらく、椅子を選ぶ優れた審美眼を持つ。


Hotel Okura Tokyo



この週末まで、珍しい 鼻煙壺コレクション を 鑑賞できます。

We saw a lot of interesting  Snuff Bottles.
at the museum belongs to Hotel Okura.
Please refer to my previous post.


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  1. Gosh your cat is beautiful! What kind is it?
    My company is also called Anzu, which is how I discovered your blog :-) Really enjoying reading it.

    1. (^-^*)/ Thank you for coming !
      I'm glad to share the same name, Anzu.
      My Anzu comes from Apricot/杏子(Japanese name of the fruit)
      He is American Shorthair cat. So naughty and happy-go-lucky guy. (=^・ェ・^=)b

  2. Hello Anzu-san! I have my favorite, comfortable place. It is at the table on the wood deck as an extension of my living room. On a sunny, breezy day like today after the prolonged chills of winter, I like to just relax at that seat, and Natsu would accompany me beside myself to bask in the sun. I didn’t know about the snuff bottles (鼻煙壺!). I’d like to use them as a single-flower vase. Take care of yourself.


    1. Yokoさんのリビングデッキでは、今温かい光に包まれ、お庭に咲く季節ごとの美しい花々を楽しめる事でしょう。花の可愛さには心から癒されますね。


Thanks for coming !