The Case of Dogs

He certainly had a keen eye for cat's beauty.
His name is Kayo Yamaguchi (山口 華楊)

things don't turn out like this in the case of dogs.

However, fortunately,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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  1. What tenderness!

    Thanks for the link: really beautiful paintings!

  2. Ha ! how nice to see such happiness in the end. May time and life treat him kind.

    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  3. Mom, really love those paintings ! she say " Thank you very much to posted this " Her fav. is the first one : )

  4. I also love the paintings. But that dog is just too cute!

  5. lol) so cute- he must get plenty of hugs and kisses!! Lovely paintings:))

  6. Nice to visit with you, Anzu. I come here from Kilauea Poetry. Your pictures of cats and dogs are fun and beautiful. Kayo Yamaguchi is an excellent artist. Such beautiful images. And your little dog with the cheery smile and the leaf on the head made me smile too.


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