Price you have to pay

元天竜派管長関牧翁筆 ・ 祖師像

We met him at a Buddhist Temple of the Rinzai tenryū sect
located in Kita Ward, Kyoto, Japan.
It's my judgment that he told me,

Of sufferance, comes ease.

No remedy but patience.

等持院 / Tōji-in
禅寺 / Zen
The temple sits back and has a wonderful garden.

夢窓疎石 作庭

Near to the "Lotus Pond" there stands an exquisite tea-arbor known as "Seiren-tei"
this important tea ceremony room was planned and erected by the eighth shogun
Yoshimasa who was reputed as a man of culture in those days.


達磨図 / Daruma  
河鍋暁斎 /
Kawanabe Kyōsai

I deny myself best pleasure in life.
It's an angelic patience.

I'm intolerant of your bad manner.
The submitting to one wrong brings on another.
I can't endure any more !!

What you said is absolutely true.
These days, I have a lot of stress.
I should go to a Zen temple and meditate so that I can relax.

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  1. O...Natsu, what did Goma do to you ?
    You don't need to go so far to relax, just get to your mom's lap..That's the best place...but not sure she can save you from Goma : )


  2. So cute Ann! What sweethearts!
    The lotus pond and the rich history here is a beautiful share- so green!!

  3. What a nice proof that it takes much strength not only to reach a target, but to go even beyond.

    Peaceful a place it must be. How surreal while seen from here.

    Please have a wonderful Thursday.

    daily athens

  4. Wonderful and green nature:-)
    Thanks for your visit and nice comment!
    Wish you a blessed weekend!


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