Do you know Chindon'ya ?

The Killing Joke !?

Hello, Everyone, Please Look At Me !
Just Smile While You Can !

Who are you ?

You amuse me !

You mean that ?


Come Quick !


also called Japanese marching band, and in the old times also called tōzaiya (東西屋) or hiromeya (広目屋 or 披露目屋) are a type of elaborately costumed street musicians in Japan that advertise for shops and other establishments. The performers advertised the opening of new stores and other venues, or promoted special events such as price discounts. Nowadays, chindon'yas are rare in Japan. The word consists of Japanese sound symbolism chin and don to describe the instruments, and the -ya suffix which roughly equates to the English
"-er" suffix in this context. (from Wikipedia)

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  1. That's the great band ! I like the way they play saxophone with the traditional Japanese instrument..Pretty cool !!!!

  2. やっぱりチンドン屋さんはカラフルでないとイケませんよね。一枚目の写真の人には歌舞伎役者さんがやるような大見得を切って貰いたかったですねっ))

  3. Tus imagenes y contenidos son muy interesantes. También adoro la ftografía y a los gatos. Natsume es igualito a mi Sara! Un saludo!

  4. Thanks for the information about Chindon'ya. They would capture my attention for sure!. Too bad they are not everywhere to make people smile. I wish we had them here in my town. We don't often see street musicians of any kind. One reason is probably because we have months and months of deep snow that would discourage even the most stalwart entertainer.

    Your photographs are great! And your pet photos always make me smile.

  5. How impressive a sight ! Please have a good Friday you all. Thank you for this nice escape into happy colours.

    daily athens

  6. What an interesting and wonderful post you have created! I like this way of advertising very much. We have only some flyers with photos of the goods that are for sale at bargain prices.
    Thanks also for the beautiful virtual boat trip!
    Have a great weekend and thank you for your visit.

  7. The performers look really cool!

  8. Very colorful!! Well you've captured something rare and unique..I never see anything like this! Interesting and enjoyable photos!


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