Weather A Typhoon

Typhoon No.14 is on its way to Yokohama.
It's raining hard. Temperature reads 12 ℃. Real Feel 5 ℃.
Meanwhile, I gather flowers in my garden.

Natsu is dancing with a flower in his mouth.

Ann is hearing the spatter of rain.

秋明菊 / 貴船菊
Anemone hupehensis

I should make a proper apology to these white flowers.
And weather a typhoon.

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  1. Hi Anzu and Natsu,
    Thank you for leaving comments on our blogs.
    I did not know that your cats can do flower arrangements, haha!!!
    Weather today really sucks and messed our plan to photograph matsuri up...
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Natsu, you have done a wonderful job : )

    By the way, Where I live , it rain whole day too

  3. oh my god! he ate the flowers... you really must apologise to nature! :)
    very nice

  4. What a contrast--the heavy dark storm approaching and the delicate white flowers waiting. With the humor of the cats. Cat pictures and flowers make me smile. Hoping the storm will not do great damage.

  5. Knocking on all available wood, for the storm to pass by safe. Poetic pictures indeed. A safe and good Sunday for you all.

    daily athens

  6. Oh Ann- these are terrific!!looks like your kitty picked a nice flower arrangement! Lovely flower series with your sweet cats.. I really like the monochrome!
    We've been getting lots of rain this past week too.
    Stay safe:))

  7. very cute cats with flowers! I have a cat,too!! :)
    I love monochrome flower pic!!

  8. Ohhhhh really a beautiful photo series! A harmony of colors and shapes come to the heart ...
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love these photos! It's suppose to be sunny this week! Tanoshimi desu ne :-D

  10. Beautiful pictures! It`s even colder here:-)
    Wish you a blessed weekend!

  11. Sooo sweet!!! I am totally in love with the second pic!!


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