Don't ask for trouble.

On November 13th and 14th, national leaders from Asia-Pacific countries
will participate in the APEC summit in Yokohama, Japan.

Look at the poster on our community board.

Now, it's on unprecedented state of high alert in Yokohama.
Town is full of policemen on many patrol wagons from each prefecture.
And chopper-coppers are flying all the time for quite a while.
The gulf coast is almost in off-limits area.
Fine thing ! Don't ask for trouble.

Meanwhile, my family is busy
getting prepared to hold it successfully.
Natsume is involved preparing meals.

Anzu is pretty picky in various amenities.

Goma is engaged in the mission of city-guard.

He looks unusually serious.

If you're ever in the neighborhood be sure to drop in here
and enjoy welcome cocktails for APEC ♪

Apricot cooler / Peach squash

Espresso tequila / Charlie chaplin

Certainly. Do you also need a kids' menu, too ?

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  1. your photos are gorgeous !!!!!!
    Your mom has talent !

  2. So very sweet!

  3. I like your welcoming committee much more than helicopters and patrol wagons full of police. Natsume's food looks delicious. Anzu looks like the perfect specialist of soft beds and Goma looks very serious about his guard job.

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  5. Ann, these images are just outstanding!! A perfect contrast with all the outside tension huh?!! The macros of your kitty's- so cool..and your sweet dog positioned with the red colored berries and white flowers (yes, he does look serious and so dignified! Terrific share-

  6. May time and life treat you all kind. Over here on November 15th the I.M.F. and various other commisions will arrive - the city "exploding" with demonstrations and alike ... maybe until Christmas this will be just a memory for us all. Peaceful Friday for you all.

    daily athens


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