Sublunary Dance

It's my ideal world.

My hope is a small thing
to warm myself up in the bath
as gazing at the moon,
enjoying the autumn evening.

At home, we take baths in bath powder
which has some benefits of hot springs.
Because a bath product warms the body
and improves blood.

十和田 ・ 奥飛騨 ・ 霧島 ・ 白骨
are famous 温泉 / Onsen resorts in Japan.

Every hot spring's powders make water
colored or cloudy in bathtub.
One day, I find self (`L_` ) ! ?
I'm pleasantly surprised to find moon by my side.
Of course, it's illusional moon.
It's just an overhead lighting on bath room.
That's all there is to it. (LOL)

It turns into a night of dancing !

He is wise enough that can keep himself warm.

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  1. Nice warm bath and the moon...it's so purrfect relaxing : )
    By the way, My mom love the last painting..she said " Genius "

    Please have a great weekend

  2. I love the last drawing where animals are either dancing or fighting:)))

  3. What a very relaxing place to take a bath...even if the moon is not the real one it makes a lovely reflection on the water. The photos of your cat friends always make me smile. The dancing animal art is amazing as is the video of the resort. I wish I could spend a week there being pampered!

  4. There surely a many thoughts deeper than any night can be. Thank you very much for these impressions of a country I'd love to see so very much. Please have a good Sunday.

    daily athens

  5. I will come back for the video (I'm using my phone)..you had me going- I like the top light reflections- really terrific paintings and lovely decor! What a pretty resort and bath powder..like salts? I bet is so wonderful!

  6. Wow..beautiful-that's the kind of thing that makes you long for something new! I can imagine the warmth and love the last one all full of white snow..so lovely!!
    Strange..I can't even see certain video's like this (I noticed Leenie mentioned video) via my blackberry or some java script..but yet I can go right into youtube (direct though) and its no problem..loads real fast!??
    Have a great day Ann-

  7. To Kilauea Poetry
    These bath powders leave a bath room smelling wonderful.(*´ο`*)=3 Moreover it make a slimy slippery water to be mild for skin in dry season.
    I'm sorry I have little knowledge about java script etc. ?ヽ(゚◇。)ノ? I hope it's an isolated abnormality only in this video. ヾ(;´▽`A

  8. Ah but this is also my dream!

    A truly wonderful post, full of charm and beautiful views ...
    I love this! Thanks dear friend, a hug!

  9. Nice post. I love that first photo, and the one of the cat relaxing behind the bath powders.

  10. Hi sweet friends
    We missed you sooooooooo much :(
    I want to try to blog sometimes
    and I visit my best friends first :))
    Its maybe relaxing for me !!!


    Kareltje =^.^=


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